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The Complete Guide to Men's Underwear

The Best Guide to Men's Underwear - SCONFORT

Discover the essential guide to men's underwear: advice, trends and wise choices. Find the perfect comfort and style in just a few clicks!

The Complete Guide to Men's Underwear

Men's underwear is an essential part of the men's wardrobe, providing comfort, support and style. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to different types of underwear available on the market, from the materials you should pay attention to, to care tips and choices according to different occasions. Whether you're looking for underwear for sports, work, or special occasions, this guide will help you find the best options that suit your needs.

The different types of men's underwear

1. Boxers:

Boxers are loose, comfortable underwear that offers great freedom of movement. They are perfect for everyday use and suit most body shapes.

2. Boxer shorts:

Briefs are similar to boxers, but they are more fitted and provide better support. They are often preferred by men looking for extra support.

3. Briefs:

The briefs provide maximum support and a slim fit. They are perfect for sports activities and tight-fitting clothing. Briefs are also recommended for men who prefer a more supportive feeling.

4. Fitted Boxers:

Fitted boxers are a compromise between boxers and briefs. They offer a slimmer fit than traditional boxers, but with more freedom of movement than briefs.

Materials of men's underwear

1. Cotton:

Cotton is a soft, breathable and hypoallergenic natural material. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin and offers great everyday comfort.

2. Modal:

Modal is a soft and durable synthetic fiber that offers excellent breathability and a cool feeling. It is also known for its resistance to shrinking and fading.


Nylon is a durable and lightweight synthetic fiber. It offers excellent elasticity and is particularly suitable for sports underwear.


Polyester is another synthetic fiber commonly used in the manufacture of men's underwear. It is wrinkle resistant, durable and dries quickly.

Men's Underwear Care Tips

1. Follow the washing instructions:

Always check care labels for specific manufacturer recommendations for washing and drying your underwear.

2. Wash with lukewarm water:

Preferably wash in lukewarm water to preserve the quality of the materials and avoid fading.

3. Avoid using fabric softener:

Fabric softener can reduce the breathability of underwear and affect its performance. It's better to do without it.

4. Air dry or dry at low temperature:

When drying your underwear, opt for air drying if possible. If you use a dryer, set it to a low temperature to avoid potential damage.

Choice of underwear depending on the occasion

1. Daily:

For daily use, choose comfortable and breathable underwear such as boxers or cotton briefs. They offer great freedom of movement and are suitable for most daily activities.

2. Sports:

For athletic activities, opt for supportive, moisture-wicking underwear, such as fitted briefs or boxers made from technical fabrics like polyester or nylon. These materials promote breathability and help keep your skin dry during physical exertion.

3. Special Occasions:

For special occasions or more fitted outfits, you can choose briefs made from stretchy fabrics that provide maximum support and a slim fit. Make sure to choose seamless models to avoid marks under clothing.

The benefits of different types of men's underwear

1. Boxers:

The boxers offer a loose cut which allows great freedom of movement. They are particularly appreciated for their comfort and breathability. Boxers fit most body shapes and are perfect for everyday use.

2. Boxer shorts:

Boxer briefs, also called boxer briefs, are a popular option that offer the best of both worlds: the snug fit of a brief and the length of boxers. They provide excellent support and are loved for their versatility. Boxer briefs are often preferred by active men or those looking for extra support.

3. Briefs:

Briefs are form-fitting underwear that provide maximum support. They are perfect for sports activities and tight-fitting clothing.They are perfect for sports activities and tight-fitting clothing. Briefs are also recommended for men who prefer a more supportive feel and want to avoid wrinkling under clothing.

4. Fitted Boxers:

Fitted boxers are an intermediate option between boxers and briefs. They offer a slimmer fit than traditional boxers, but with more freedom of movement than briefs. Fitted boxers are often appreciated for their versatility and comfort.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Men's Underwear

1. Comfort:

Comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing underwear. Make sure you choose underwear that fits your size and shape. Soft, breathable materials, like cotton and modal, generally provide great comfort.

2. Support:

The level of support varies depending on the type of underwear chosen. Briefs and trunks generally offer more support, while boxers offer a looser fit. Choose based on your personal preference and the activities you plan to do.

3. Materials:

Underwear materials can impact their comfort, breathability and durability. Cotton is a popular choice because of its softness and breathability. Modal is also popular for its softness and ability to wick away moisture. Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester often offer better elasticity and are suitable for sporting activities.


The style of underwear is also an important aspect for many men. Whether you prefer patterns, bright colors, or more classic designs, there are a wide variety of options to match your personal style.

Where to buy men's underwear

You can find men's underwear at many clothing stores, department stores and online. Some popular brands specializing in men's underwear include Calvin Klein, Tommy John, SAXX, Hanes, Jockey, and Under Armour. When purchasing underwear online, be sure to check the size guides to ensure you are choosing the right size.

Additional Tips for Choosing Men's Underwear

1. Try different styles:

Don't be afraid to try different styles of underwear to find the one that suits you best. Every person has different preferences when it comes to fit and comfort.

2. Consider physical activity:

If you are active or regularly participate in sporting activities, opt for underwear that offers good support and moisture management to avoid chafing and irritation.

3. Renew your collection regularly:

Underwear has a limited lifespan and can wear out over time. It is therefore recommended to renew your collection regularly to ensure that you have underwear in good condition and comfortable.

4. Wash your underwear properly:

Follow the recommended washing instructions on your underwear label to care for them properly. This will preserve their shape, softness and durability.

5. Be Aware of Allergies or Sensitivities:

Some people may be allergic to certain materials or have particular sensitivities. If you have sensitive skin, opt for hypoallergenic or natural fiber underwear to avoid irritation.

Here are some additional points to consider when it comes to choosing men's underwear:

1. Size and Fit:

Ensuring the right size and fit is crucial for both comfort and support. Ill-fitting underwear can be uncomfortable and may lead to chafing or discomfort. Take accurate measurements to determine your size and consider the specific sizing guidelines provided by each brand.

2. Breathability:

Breathable fabrics, such as cotton or modal, are ideal for underwear as they allow air circulation and help wick away moisture, keeping you cool and dry. This is especially important for individuals who are physically active or live in warmer climates.

3. Moisture-Wicking:

If you engage in activities that cause sweating or if you prefer moisture control, consider underwear with moisture-wicking properties. Fabrics like polyester or blends with synthetic fibers are designed to pull moisture away from the skin, promoting evaporation and keeping you dry.

4. Durability:

Look for underwear made with high-quality materials and reinforced stitching to ensure durability. This is particularly important if you lead an active lifestyle or prefer underwear that can withstand frequent washing.

5. Waistband:

The waistband should be comfortable and provide adequate support without digging into your skin. Look for underwear with a soft, elastic waistband that retains its shape and stays in place throughout the day.

6. Coverage and Length:

Consider the coverage and length that suits your preference. Some individuals prefer longer boxer briefs that offer more coverage, while others may prefer shorter styles like trunks or briefs. Choose a length that provides the desired support and comfort.

7. Personal Style:

Underwear comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs, allowing you to express your personal style. Whether you prefer solid colors, bold prints, or classic designs, there are options available to match your preferences.

8. Care Instructions:

Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain the quality and longevity of your underwear. Proper washing and drying techniques can help preserve the fabric's integrity and ensure that they remain comfortable to wear.

By following these tips, you should be able to choose men's underwear that suits your needs, style and comfort. Remember that choosing underwear is a personal matter, and it's important to consider your individual preferences to find what suits you best.

In conclusion, choosing men's underwear depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle and the occasion for which you are wearing it. Be sure to consider materials, level of comfort and support, and care tips to extend the life of your underwear.

By following this comprehensive guide, you will be able to make informed choices and find the underwear that best suits your needs. With the right information, you will be able to choose the underwear that suits you best and meets your specific needs.

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