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Lip Plumper Set: Instant Volumizing Lips – Get Fuller, Fuller Lips in Seconds


Our Lip Plumper Set provides instant volumizing effects, giving you fuller, fuller lips in seconds. Discover the benefits of our easy-to-use, long-lasting formula, made with safe, natural ingredients. Perfect for those looking for beautiful lips without invasive procedures.


Get fuller lips instantly


Discover the secret to an irresistible mouth with our revolutionary product! Get fuller lips instantly with our advanced formula, specially designed to enhance the natural beauty of your lips. Our product offers an immediate sensation of volume, allowing you to obtain full, luscious lips in a single gesture.


How does our lip plumping set work?


Discover the unparalleled effectiveness of our lip plumping set, designed with advanced technology for an optimal plumping experience. Our unique formula combines cutting-edge ingredients to stimulate blood circulation and promote natural collagen production, delivering fuller-looking lips.


Thanks to rapid absorption, this set ensures instant results and deep hydration, leaving your lips not only plump but also incredibly soft. Transform your smile with our plumping set, where science and beauty become one.


Benefits of using our instant lip volumizers


Discover the exceptional benefits of our instant volumizing lips, designed to enhance your natural beauty. Our revolutionary formula delivers a dramatic increase in lip volume in moments, creating visible and impressive results.


Enjoy a long-lasting effect that redefines your lips while providing intense hydration. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, our volumizing lips also offer protection against environmental aggressions thanks to specially selected ingredients. Give your lips the shine they deserve with our instant lip volumizers.


Easy application and long-lasting results


Simplicity and effectiveness meet with our lip plumping set, offering easy application and long-lasting results. Thanks to our specially designed applicator, application becomes child's play, ensuring even distribution of the product. The results, however, transcend the simplicity of the application.


Enjoy a comfortable feel and a naturally plumped look that persists throughout the day. Our commitment to quality ensures long-lasting results, making our plumping set a must-have for those seeking beauty that is both accessible and long-lasting.


Safe and natural ingredients for beautiful lips


We highlight the natural beauty of your lips with safe and natural ingredients. Our formula is crafted from high-quality botanical extracts and ingredients, ensuring a beauty experience free from compromise. These carefully selected ingredients nourish and condition your lips, creating a natural shine without compromising safety.


Go for beautiful lips with confidence, knowing that our commitment to safe, natural ingredients gives you the uncompromising beauty you deserve.

Look no further, our product is the answer to your desire for fuller lips. Get instant, long-lasting results, effortlessly and in style. Redefine your natural beauty and turn heads with irresistible lips!


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Origin: Mainland China

Size: Full Size

Benefit: Moisturizing

Benefit: Moisturizing

Benefit: Nutritious

Type: Lip Gloss

Country/region of manufacture: CHINA

Certification: GZZZ


Number of pieces: one unit

Model Number: Derol Lip Plumping Set

Quantity: 1 piece

Type: derol aumento labios

Lip Plumper Women's Comfort Style Set

SKU: 1005003589844083
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