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Discover the Comfort Style OEM Mascarilla Clay Mask.


An effective facial cleansing mask for flawless pores.


Get healthier skin with the Facial Mask Care Mud Mask Masker.


The Comfort Style OEM Mascarilla Clay Mask is a facial cleansing mask that works deep to remove impurities and deeply cleanse pores. Its formula based on clay and natural ingredients purifies and softens the skin for a more luminous and radiant complexion.


Thanks to its creamy texture, the Mud Mask Treatment Face Mask is easy to apply and rinse, providing complete cleansing without damaging the skin. Use it regularly for healthier, more beautiful skin.


Benefits of Style Comfort OEM Mascarilla Clay Mask include:


Deeply cleanses pores

Removes impurities and dead skin cells

Softens and purifies the skin

Creamy texture for easy application

Suitable for all types of skin



Try the Comfort Style OEM Mascarilla Clay Mask now and experience cleaner, softer, more radiant skin in no time!

Comfort Style OEM Clay Mask Mascarilla Facial Cleansing Mask

SKU: 1600383490527
PriceFrom C$11.75
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