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Optimize your dental care routine with our Electric Dental Cleaning Device.


<h2>Style and Comfort:</h2>


Our Electric Dental Cleaning Device combines elegant design with exceptional comfort of use. Its ergonomic shape offers a pleasant grip and its advanced technology allows effective dental cleaning without any feeling of discomfort.


<h2>Dental Calculus Remover:</h2>


Say goodbye to annoying and unpleasant dental stones with our Electric Dental Cleaning Device. Its ultrasonic vibration power effectively dissolves tartar and plaque, giving you a healthier mouth and a lasting feeling of freshness.


<h2>Irrigator Tooth Cleaner:</h2>


Our Electric Dental Cleaning Device also acts as an oral irrigator, reaching hard-to-reach areas between teeth to remove unwanted food debris and residue. With its pulsed water jet, it ensures deep cleaning while preserving the health of your gums.


<h2>Removing the Scaler:</h2>


With its specially designed tip, our Electric Dental Cleaner effectively removes tartar scaler, allowing you to prevent future dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.


<h2>Teeth Whitening:</h2>


In addition to its advanced cleaning features, our Electric Dental Cleaning Device can also help improve the whiteness of your teeth. Its gentle but effective action on surface stains will allow you to regain a bright and confident smile.


<h2>Complete Teeth Care:</h2>


Our Electric Dental Cleaning Device offers a complete solution for your dental care, combining cleaning, irrigation and whitening, all in one convenient device. Make your dental care routine a pleasant and effective experience for optimal oral health.


Brand Name: DearBeauty

Type: Electric Oral Irrigator

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Oral Irrigator

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Certification: CE

Age Group: Adults

Feature: Electric Oral Irrigator

Feature 1: Teeth Whitening

Feature 2: Dental Cleaning Device

Feature 3: Teeth Cleaner

Feature 4: Teeth Care

Waterproof rating: IPX6

Comfort Style Electric Dental Cleaning

SKU: 3256803558566249
PriceFrom C$19.00
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