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<H1> Strengthen your fingers with Comfort Style strength gripper exercises </H1>


<H2> Choose from 4 resistance levels: 20lbs, 40lbs, 60lbs or 75lbs </H2>



<H2>Strengthen Your Fingers and Improve Your Grip with Style Comfort Finger Gripper Strength Exercise</H2>


<H3>Increase the Strength and Dexterity of Your Fingers</H3>


<H3> Increase your grip strength and endurance with these finger expanders </H3>


The Comfort Style Finger Pinch Strength Exercise Finger Extensor is an ideal tool for athletes, musicians, climbers and anyone looking to strengthen their grip and dexterity. Choose from the four available resistance levels (20lbs, 40lbs, 60lbs or 75lbs) for a personalized and effective workout.


Comfort Style finger expanders allow you to work the muscles of your fingers, hand and forearm to improve your strength, endurance and agility.


Order your Style Comfort Finger Gripper Strength Exercise now and discover how to strengthen your fingers and improve your grip!


Buy now and start improving your game today!


Brand Name: None

Department Name: Unisex

Type: Gripping Ring

Origin: Mainland China

Type of sports: Strength training

Training Site: ARMS

Training Site: Muscle Relex Apparatus

Training Site: Hand

Training Site: Wrist

Model Number: Finger Gripper Strength Trainer

Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus

type: hand yoga

Material: silicone, alloy, fabric

Weight: about 65g

Color: green (20 pounds), blue (40 pounds), red (60 pounds)

type 1: Finger Gripper Strength Trainer

type 2: Hand Yoga Resistance Band

type 3: Finger Expander Exercise

type 4: Hand Grip Wrist Strength Trainer

type 5: Fitness accessories

type 6: Finger Flexion And Extension Training Device

type 7: for training

type 8: exerciser of strength for fingers

type 9: spring grip

type 10: Hand Gripper

type 11: hand yoga resistance trainer

type 12: hand yoga resistance band trainer

Feature: wrist strength trainer for fitness

Feature 1: wrist strength trainer

Feature 2: Hand Gripper

Feature 3: gripper strength trainer

Feature 4: resistance band trainer

Feature 5: resistance band finger trainer

Feature 6: resistance band finger expander trainer

Feature 7: hand yoga resistance trainer

Feature 8: hand yoga resistance band trainer

Feature 9: hand grip wrist trainer

Feature 10: hand grip wrist strength trainer

Feature 11: 20lbs Hand Gripper

Feature 12: 60lbs Hand Gripper

Feature 13: 40lbs Hand Gripper

Feature 14: 20lbs finger expander trainer

Feature 15: 40lbs finger expander trainer

Feature 16: 60lbs finger expander trainer

Feature 17: Hand Yoga expander trainer

Style1: Portable Fitness Equipment

Style2: finger power device

Style3: yoga fitness exercise equipment

Style4: Finger bending

Style5: extension training device

Style6: rehabilitation abduction

Style 7: finger expander

Comfort Style 20lbs/40lbs/60lbs/75lbs Finger Gripper Strength Exercise Finger Expander

SKU: 2255801062148343
PriceFrom C$13.00
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