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Style, Comfort and High Quality: 3-piece Muslim Abaya Dress Set


Discover Islamic Elegance: Long Abaya Dress and Open Kimono


If you are looking for a Muslim Abaya dress that combines style, comfort and high quality, look no further. Our 3 piece solid color set is designed to meet all your Islamic clothing expectations.


<h3>A Versatile Set:</h3>



Long Abaya Dress: Our long dress gives you an elegant and modest appearance, perfect for any occasion. Made with premium quality materials, it ensures maximum comfort while respecting Islamic clothing standards.

Open Kimono Cardigan: Adding an open cardigan kimono to the ensemble brings a touch of modernity. This versatile garment can be worn over the Abaya dress for a sophisticated and practical look, ideal for cooler days.

Stylish Solid Colors: Available in a variety of solid colors, our 3-piece Abaya dress set allows you to choose the one that best suits your personal style and preferences.



Don't compromise your style and comfort when choosing your Islamic clothing. Opt for our 3-piece Abaya dress set for an outfit that combines elegance, practicality and respect for cultural and religious values.


Enhance your wardrobe with our collection of Abaya dresses and discover the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Comfort Style 3 Piece Muslim Abaya Dress Set

SKU: 1600388000466
PriceFrom C$84.00
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