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Discover the Luxury of Comfort and Elegance with Our Lip Products Collection

  H1: Comfort Style for your Lips

Immerse yourself in the world of ultimate comfort with our exceptional range of lip products that combine style and well-being. Each product is carefully crafted to give you a luxurious experience while caring for your lips in a unique way.

  H2: Intense Moisturizing Jelly

Adopt the soothing sensation of our moisturizing jelly, a real caress for your lips. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, this jelly leaves your lips soft, smooth and perfectly hydrated. Say goodbye to dry lips with this must-have product.

  H2: Black Lip Oil - Mystical Elegance

Explore mystical elegance with our black lip oil. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this oil provides intense color while preserving the health of your lips. Discover the perfect marriage of bold style and luxurious care.

  H2: Plumping Mirror Shining Water

Our plumping mirror shine water delivers an explosion of shine combined with a plumping formula. Its radiant finish creates a sensational mirror effect, while delicately plumping your lips. Get irresistibly plump lips with this innovative product.

  H2: Transparent Lipstick - Subtle Purity

Highlight the natural beauty of your lips with our transparent lipstick. Its lightweight formula offers a subtle touch of color, highlighting the natural purity of your lips. Let your natural beauty shine with this delicate lipstick.

  H2: Lighten Wrinkles - Timeless Youth

Our exclusive range includes products designed to lighten wrinkles, giving you timeless youth. Specially selected ingredients target the signs of aging, leaving your lips smooth and rejuvenated. Reveal timeless beauty with our expert formulas.

  H2: Light Lip Tint - Natural Glow

Opt for a light lip shade and enjoy a natural glow that illuminates your face. Our shades are carefully selected to harmonize with your skin tone, creating a natural and refined effect. Give your lips the shine they deserve.

Explore our collection of lip products and discover the perfect marriage of style, comfort and quality care. Get irresistibly beautiful lips with our products designed to enhance your natural beauty. Order now and embrace the luxurious feel of our products for irresistible lips.


Brand name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Manufacturer: Lip oil


Model Number: Lip Oil

Size: Full Size

Distributor/Importer: Lip oil

Certificate number: lip oil

Shelf life: 3 years

Benefit: Moisturizing

Benefit: Moisturizing

Benefit: Nutritious

Advantage: Other

Date of manufacture: Recent

Quantity: 1pcs

Type: Lip Gloss

Country/region of manufacture: CHINA

Certification: GZZZ


Ingredient: mineral oil, ground wax, polyisobutylene, tocopherol, etc.

Number of pieces: one unit

Size:: 26.4*26.4*89mm

Effect:: Lip protection, moisturizing and nourishing

Skin type: All skin types

Comfort Style Transparent Lipstick

SKU: 1005005973651321
PriceFrom C$7.25
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