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Long-lasting and waterproof makeup matte lipstick pen for a silky lip contour


Discover our Makeup Matt Lipstick Pen, a waterproof and long-lasting lip pencil that allows for a soft and silky application. Get perfectly defined lips that won't stain or fade throughout the day. Learn how to use it for a flawless look.


Get perfectly defined lips with our Makeup Matt Lipstick Pen:


Discover the ultimate secret to perfectly defined lips with our Makeup Matt Lipstick Pen! Our innovative formula combines the richness of intense color with an exquisite matte finish, providing long-lasting wear without compromising on comfort.

Waterproof formula for all day wear:


Discover our revolutionary waterproof formula designed to give you impeccable wear all day long. Our product combines advanced waterproofing technology with high-quality ingredients to create a lightweight, comfortable and long-lasting formula.


Enjoy long-lasting protection against water, humidity and bad weather, while maintaining a natural, fresh look. Get the confidence you deserve with our cutting-edge waterproof formula.


Silky lip liner for smooth application:


Experience ultimate luxury with our silky lip liner, specially designed for smooth application and perfect definition. Thanks to a creamy, pigment-rich formula, our pencil glides easily on your lips, offering a soft sensation and a flawless result.


Carefully selected ingredients hydrate and nourish your lips, leaving a velvety texture. Get precise contours and long-lasting hold with our carefully crafted lip liner.


Long-lasting color that won't stain or fade:


Explore a new dimension of color with our revolutionary product offering long-lasting tint that won't smudge or fade. Our advanced formula guarantees intense, vibrant color that stays true throughout the day. No more worries about unwanted transfers or color fading. Enjoy lasting beauty with our product that combines exceptional performance and impeccable quality.


How to use Makeup Matt Lipstick Pen for a flawless look:


Discover the secrets to perfect application with our detailed guide on using the Makeup Matt Lipstick Pen. Follow our expert tips to achieve a flawless, long-lasting look. Learn techniques to define your lips, evenly fill in color and avoid smudging.


Our Matt Lipstick Pen offers a velvety formula that glides on smoothly, ensuring a sensational matte finish. Transform your beauty routine with our professional tips for spectacular results with every application.

Make a statement with beautifully defined lips with our Makeup Matt Lipstick Pen. Opt for uncompromising beauty, combining style and comfort, and let your lips attract all eyes. Treat yourself to an exceptional makeup experience and reveal the unique beauty of your lips with our Matt lipstick, your essential ally for perfection that lasts all day.


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Brand Name: Pudaier

Origin: Mainland China

Certificate number: Guangdong Makeup 20160481

Quantity: 1 piece

Advantage: Long lasting

Advantage: easy to wear

Advantage: Natural factors

Benefit: Nutritious

Type: Lip Pencil

Ingredient: octyl twelve stearyl stearate, ISO nonyl nonyl azelate, etc.

Country/region of manufacture: CHINA

Certification: GZZZ


Number of pieces: one unit


Size: Full Size

Model Number: 98301-1

Makeup Matte Lipstick Lip Liner Pen Comfort Style

SKU: 1005002035213290
PriceFrom C$6.75
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