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DIY: How to customize your beach clothes for a unique and stylish look

Updated: Jun 17

The Best Way to Customize Your Beach Clothes - SCONFORT

Explore customization tips to give a personal touch to your beach clothes. Transform your look to shine in the summer sun!

DIY: How to customize your beach clothes for a unique and stylish look

Beachwear is an essential part of our summer getaways. To add a personal touch to your summer wardrobe and stand out on the beach, why not try customizing your own beachwear? In this article, we will show you some creative ideas to transform your swimsuits, sarongs and other pieces into unique and stylish creations.

Tie and Dye: a colorful and trendy pattern

Tie and dye is a dyeing technique that creates colorful, vibrant patterns on fabrics. To give new life to your plain swimsuit, you can use this technique to give it a touch of bohemian style. Simply choose your favorite colors and tie the swimsuit with elastics before dipping it in the dye. Once dry, you will have a unique swimsuit that will attract all eyes on the beach.

Embroidery: add a touch of delicacy

Embroidery is another creative way to personalize your beachwear. You can use colorful threads to add floral patterns, inspirational words or abstract designs to your sarong or beach tunic. Whether you choose to embroider along the borders or create a central design, embroidery will add a touch of delicacy and sophistication to your beachwear.

Patches and embellishments: an explosion of color

Patches and embellishments are perfect for adding a fun and original touch to your beachwear. You can sew colorful patches featuring summer designs like flowers, palm trees or tropical fruits onto your beach bag or hat. Additionally, you can add beads, shells or pompoms to your sarong to create a unique piece that reflects your personal style.

Textile paint: your beach canvas

Textile paint offers a multitude of possibilities for customizing your beach clothes. Get some special fabric paint and give free rein to your creativity. You can paint abstract designs, marine designs, or even write inspirational quotes on your beach t-shirt. Be sure to use stencils if you want to get clean, precise lines. Once the paint dries, your beachwear will be unique and full of personality.

Embroidered Appliques and Patches: Add dimension and texture

In addition to traditional patches, you can explore the world of appliques and embroidered patches to elevate your beachwear. Appliques are pieces of fabric that can be sewn or ironed onto your clothing to create a three-dimensional effect.

Look for appliques depicting seashells, starfish, or tropical plants to give your beachwear a whimsical touch. Embroidered patches, on the other hand, add intricate patterns and textures to your clothing. Consider adding a palm tree or wave pattern to your beach shorts or a vibrant floral patch to your beach bag.

Pearl Accents: Sparkle and Shine

For a touch of glamour, consider incorporating pearl accents into your beach outfit. You can sew beads onto the edges of your sarong or sarong, creating a sparkling border. Alternatively, you can add beaded pom poms to the drawstrings of your beach dress or create beaded fringe along the hem of your beach dress. The shimmering beads will catch the sunlight and add a playful element to your beach ensemble.

Dip-Dye or Ombre effect: a gradual transformation of colors

If you're looking for a more subtle customization technique, try dip dyeing or creating an ombre effect on your beachwear. Dip dyeing involves partially immersing your garment in a dye bath, resulting in a gradient effect.

Choose colors that evoke the beach, like shades of blue or turquoise. For an ombre effect, mix different shades of the same color from top to bottom or vice versa. This technique adds an artistic touch to your beach dress or cover-up, making it look effortlessly chic.

Stencil on Fabric: Personalize with Designs

The fabric stencil allows you to create intricate patterns and designs on your beachwear. Choose a stencil with beach-inspired designs like seashells, seahorses or waves, and use fabric paint to transfer the designs to your clothes.

Stenciling is a great way to add personalized details to your beach shorts, beach bag, or even sun hat. Experiment with different colors and placements to create a truly unique and eye-catching piece.

Lace and crochet details: delicate and feminine

Add a touch of femininity to your beach outfit by incorporating lace or crochet details. You can sew a lace trim along the edges of your bikini or one-piece swimsuit, giving it an elegant and romantic vibe.

You can also try layering a crochet cover-up over your swimsuit for a bohemian-chic look. The intricate patterns and delicate textures of lace and crochet will elevate your beach ensemble and make you feel effortlessly elegant.

Fringe Accents: Playful and Fun

Fringe accents are a playful and fun way to personalize your beachwear. You can sew a fringe trim along the hem of your beach shorts, cover-up or beach bag, adding movement and a bohemian touch.

Fringes can also be added to the straps or neckline of your bikini top, creating a unique and eye-catching detail. Opt for colorful fringe to make a bold statement or choose neutral tones for a more subtle and sophisticated look.

Cutouts and mesh panels: modern and fashion-forward

For a modern, bold touch, consider incorporating cutouts or mesh panels into your beachwear. Cutouts can be strategically placed on the sides, back or front of your swimsuit or cover-up, adding a touch of allure and creating unique silhouettes.

Mesh panels can be inserted into your beach dress or tunic, allowing for a hide-and-seek effect that is both stylish and breathable. These design elements add a contemporary touch to your beach look and are sure to turn heads.

Custom Prints: Bring your own artwork

If you have artistic skills or have access to custom printing services, why not create your own custom prints for your beachwear? You can design your own patterns, illustrations or even photographs and have them printed on fabric. This allows you to showcase your creativity and create truly unique pieces that reflect your personal style and interests. From tropical patterns to abstract designs, the possibilities are endless.

Upcycling: giving new life to old clothes

Consider recycling old clothes to create unique beach pieces. You can turn an oversized t-shirt into a stylish beach outfit by cutting and sewing it to fit your desired style. Use fabric paint, patches or embroidery to add personal touches and breathe new life into the garment. Upcycling not only allows you to create something unique, but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste.

Convertible pieces: versatility and functionality

Consider customizing your beachwear with convertible features, allowing you to wear them in multiple ways. For example, you can create a sarong that doubles as a backless top or a beach dress that can double as a skirt. By adding adjustable straps, buttons or ties, you can easily change the style and fit of your clothing, giving you versatility and functionality for various beach activities.

Ornate necklines: striking details

Draw attention to your beach outfit by focusing on the neckline. Embellish the neckline of your swimsuit or cover-up with beads, sequins or metallic accents. You can create a stunning centerpiece by hand sewing or gluing these embellishments onto fabric. This technique adds a touch of glamor and transforms a simple garment into a head-turning fashion statement.

Ruffled Accents: Feminine and Affectionate

Ruffles are a classic, feminine detail that can instantly elevate the look of your beach outfit. Consider adding ruffles to the straps of your bikini top or the edges of your beach dress. These playful and flirty details add movement and create a visually appealing texture that exudes a romantic vibe.

Personalized hats and accessories: complete the look

Don't forget to personalize your beach accessories to complete your personalized beach outfit. Decorate your sun hat with ribbons, fabric flowers or shell ornaments. Personalize your beach bag with patches, embroidery or fabric paint to match your beach ensemble. By paying attention to the small details, you can create a cohesive and stylish look from head to toe.

Beach Jewelry: Add a Touch of Glamor

Enhance your beach look with carefully selected jewelry. Opt for lightweight, waterproof accessories such as shell necklaces, beaded anklets or delicate bracelets. These subtle touches of jewelry can elevate your beach outfit and add a touch of glamor without being overwhelming. Choose pieces that reflect your personal style and complement the colors and textures of your custom clothing.

Experiment with layering: textures and dimensions

Layering can add depth and visual interest to your beach outfit. Play with different textures and lengths to create a sleek, bohemian look. For example, wear a crochet top over your bikini, layer a lightweight kimono over your beach dress, or tie a chambray shirt around your waist as a stylish accessory. Mixing and matching different pieces allows you to create unique combinations and showcase your creativity.

Confidence and individuality: your best accessories

Ultimately, the most important aspect of customizing your beachwear is to showcase your confidence and individuality. Wear your custom designs with pride and let them reflect your unique personality. Remember that fashion is an expression of self and by customizing your beachwear you are creating a look that is truly unique to you.

Hand-Painted Drawings: Artistic Expression

Unleash your inner artist by hand painting designs on your beachwear. Use fabric paints or fabric markers to create unique patterns, abstract designs or even landscapes. You can paint a beach scene on the back of your denim shorts or create a vibrant floral design on your beach tote. Hand-painted designs allow you to showcase your artistic talents and add a personalized touch to your beach ensemble.

A lady wearing a white beach dress with patterns front view
Beach dress

Pom Pom Embellishments: Bohemian Style

Pom poms are a popular embellishment that add a bohemian touch to any garment. You can attach pom poms to the hem of your beach dress or cover-up, the ties of your bikini, or the drawstrings of your beach pants. Choose pom poms in complementary colors or opt for bold, contrasting hues to make a statement. The playful movement and texture of the pom poms will give your beachwear a fun, carefree vibe.

Personalized swim caps: stand out in the water

If you like swimming or water sports, consider personalizing your swimming cap. Use waterproof fabric markers or adhesive patches to add designs, designs or even your initials to the cap. This way you will stand out in the water with a personalized and stylish swimming accessory that will set you apart from the crowd.

Contrasting stitching: attention to detail

Add a subtle but impactful detail to your beach outfit by incorporating contrast stitching. Choose a thread color that contrasts with the fabric of your garment and use it to sew visible stitches along the seams or edges. This technique draws attention to the construction of the garment and adds a touch of sophistication. Whether it's a bikini, cover-up or beach bag, contrast stitching can enhance the overall look of your beach ensemble.

Reversible models: double the options

Maximize the versatility of your beachwear by creating reversible styles. For example, you can sew two contrasting fabrics together to make a reversible bikini or beach skirt. This allows you to easily change your look and gives you double the options when getting ready for your beach vacation. Choose fabrics that complement each other and have fun mixing and matching different colors and patterns.

Sustainable materials: eco-friendly fashion

Consider using sustainable materials when customizing your beachwear. Look for organic cotton, recycled polyester, or even fabrics made from ocean plastic. By opting for eco-friendly materials, you can create stylish beachwear while contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry. Additionally, you can reuse old clothes or fabrics to reduce waste and give them new life.

Collaborative customization: DIY with friends

Customizing your beachwear can be a fun and collaborative activity. Gather your friends and organize a DIY beachwear customization session. Share ideas, materials and techniques and work together to create unique, personalized pieces. Not only will you get personalized beachwear, but you will also have great memories of the creative process with your friends.

Remember, the key to successful customization is to let your creativity run wild and have fun experimenting with different techniques and materials. Customizing your beachwear allows you to express your individuality, create unique pieces and make a fashion statement that reflects your personal style. So, embrace your inner designer, think outside the box and enjoy the process of transforming your beachwear into something truly unique and stylish.

With these ideas, you have a wide range of options to explore when customizing your beachwear. Let your imagination run wild, experiment with different techniques and have fun creating your own distinctive and stylish beach outfits. Whether you prefer a bohemian, glamorous or eclectic style, customizing your beachwear will ensure you make a fashion statement wherever the waves take you.


Customizing your beachwear is a great way to express your personal style while creating unique and original pieces. Whether you opt for tie-dye, embroidery, patches and embellishments or fabric painting, let your creativity run wild and transform your beachwear into true works of art. Not only will you be proud to wear unique creations, but you will also be the star of the beach with your personalized and stylish look.

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